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Junkers Ju 88 var et tysk to-motors lett bombefly, nattjager og angrepsfly produsert av Junkers.Det ble brukt av blant annet Luftwaffe under den andre verdenskrig.Utviklingen av flyet begynte i 1936, og ved krigens slutt var det produsert 14 780 fly i forskjellige varianter.Ju 88 ble også videreutviklet i form av Ju 188, Ju 288 og Ju 388 Junkers Ju 88, tysk tomotors propelldrevet bombefly, brukt under den andre verdenskrig. Ju 88 ble og brukt som angrepsfly, torpedofly, nattjager og rekognoseringsfly. Ju 88 fløy første gang 21. desember 1936, og ble første gang brukt i kamp under et bombetokt mot britiske marinefartøy ved Firth of Forth 26. september 1939. Et stort antall deltok i Slaget om Storbritannia i 1940 Junkers Ju 88 A-4 Junkers Ju 88 ble for tyskerne det flytypen Mosquito var for britene: et meget anvendelig fly i mange ulike roller. Ju 88 var opprinnelig konstruert som et høyhastighets bombefly. Prototypen var på vingene i 1936, og flytypen var operativ i 1939 Junkers Ju 88 Specifications; Type: Medium range bomber: Power Plant: Junkers Jumo 211B 1,200hp x 2: Laden weight: 27,500 lbs: Max Speed : Approx 286 mph @ 16,000 feet. Cruising Speed: Approx 239 mph: Rate of Climb: Not known: Max range: 1,553 miles: Service Ceiling: 26,500 feet: Bomb Load: 5,510 lbs (max) Armament : 6 x 7.9mm machine guns (2. Hi all, Nearly finished Ju 88 C-2 R4+FL. Just got to put the ariel wire on and its done and I will post some pics. Note that if you want to do some of the really early all black/ partially black C-2s and 4s in Holland you will need a night fighter badge twice the size of the one I had printed on my last AIMS decal sheet

Ju 88H Long-range photo-reconnaissance, fighter variants, based on the stretched Ju 88G-series fuselage.. Ju 88 H-1 Long-range maritime reconnaissance variant, equipped with a FuG 200 Hohentwiel radar and a trio of remotely controlled cameras in the aft fuselage.. Ju 88 H-2 Fighter variant intended to attack Allied long range convoy escort aircraft armed with six Forward firing MG 151/20 The Ju 88P was an anti-tank version of the Ju 88, designed to carry a large anti-tank cannon. It was developed in 1942, after the invasion of Russia did not achieve a knockout victory in 1941. The prototype was tested in mid 1942, and carried a single 75mm KwK 39 (Kampfwagen-kanone), in a large gondola under the fuselage Luftwaffe - Junkers Ju 88 Bomber One after another I will upload the VHS video collection of my late father's - Jörg George Vogelsang. Included will be pri..

Almost all other Ju 88 kits have the dive brakes in the wrong position. Checking the nacelle, I found that these pieces do matches up nicely with the drawings. The front radiator moldings are spot on for an early A-1, but compared to the A-4 radiators I have, they lack the depth in the radiator fins The Junkers Ju88 was one of two designs, which were developed according to the third RLM request of 1935 for a quick bomber aircraft. The developement was started under the designator EF59.Parallel designs for the RLM request were the Henschel Hs127 and the Messerschmitt Bf162.The developement started in January 1936 by Zindel, Evers and Gassner

Junkers 88 R1 (PJ876) [@ RAF Hendon] One of the most versatile and effective combat aircraft ever produced, the Junkers 88 (Ju 88) remained of vital importance to the Luftwaffe throughout World War 11, serving as a bomber, dive-bomber, night fighter, close support aircraft, long-range heavy fighter, reconnaissance aircraft and torpedo-bomber The Ju 88 C-6 is a rank I German twin-engine fighter with a battle rating of 2.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.65 Way of the Samurai.. General info Flight performance. Describe how the aircraft behaves in the air. Speed, manoeuvrability, acceleration and allowable loads - these are the most important characteristics of the vehicle

This Junkers Ju 88 A-1, Werk Nr. 088119, call sign U4+TK is currently undergoing a full restoration in Norway. The aircraft was salvaged from Jonsvatnet near.. My mistake: the Ju-88 at Hendon is a not a C-6 but Post Sep 05, 2006 #8 2006-09-05T03:01 a Ju-88 R-1(BMW motors) but was in the 70/71/65 scheme when defecting and is on display in those colors, although repainted at some point if I am correct In the following years the Ju-88 proved to be a successful design, which could be used as a bomber, a long-distance reconnaissance plane and as a night fighter. About 15,000 specimens were built altogether. But few are still existing today. The museum's exhibit was salvaged from a lake in Sweden in 1986 Revell 1/32 Ju 88A-1 Conversion to C-2 By Luc Janssen. This Revell kit is good with lots of realistic detail and the overall fit is excellent. The joints of the wings with the fuselage on the underside need some filler and reshaping, but without big problems

The Junkers Ju 288, originally known within the Junkers firm as the EF 074, was a German bomber project designed during World War II, which only ever flew in prototype form. The first of an eventual 22 development aircraft flew on 29 November 1940. The Ju 288 was the winner of the Bomber B contest, although the contest was started by the Junkers firm's submission of the EF 074 and their. Ju 88R-1 D5+EV of IV/NJG 3 after restoration at RAF St Athan. (photo, Keith McKenzie) Development [This profile covers the fighter and attack variants of the Junkers Ju 88, bomber and reconnaissance variants will be covered separately.] By the middle of 1944, the night fighter force had become the stro.

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Alternative SKUs for Airfix 387: . Note: Prices and availability are indications only. Also check if the product actually matches! In-box reviews. We don't know about any in-box reviews for this Junkers Ju 88 A-4 (#387) from Airfix Ju 88 C-2 cockpit interior. (Z)/KG 30, Norway 1940. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website

The Junkers Ju 88 was one of the most versatile and effective combat aircraft of World War II. Its closest counterparts on the Allied side were the Mosquito and Beaufighter. The German aircraft was larger and slower, but nevertheless very effective. 14,676 were built, including a staggering 104 prototypes for its 60 different versions In versatility and performance, the Junkers Ju 88 could be compared to the British de Havilland Mosquito or in some aspects, the North American B-25 Mitchell.In any event, approximately 15,000 aircraft were produced in various forms from 1939 to 1945 Beautiful replica in 1:32 scale of Ju-88 C-2 WNr.0880133 '4D+FH' entitled 'In pieces' built by Jeroen Peters over at the Large Scale Modeller forum. Here's a little preview, courtesy of Jeroen, pulling together the 'best bits' of his WIP 1/32 Ju 88 C-2 - aimsmodels.co.u

Luftwaffe Resource Center - Defeathered Eagles - AForme o feminino, trocando a letra O final pela letra A重返亞丁世界討伐黑暗力量!《天堂2:革命》最新副本介紹影片搶先曝光 第 1 頁 :: 新聞快訊 :: 天堂 2:革命

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Junkers Ju 88 C-1 featured the shorter span wing of the early Ju 88 A, but from the C-2 onwards the extended wing of the Ju 88 A-4 was employed. The early Ju88 C carried a crew of three and an armament, in a solid nose, of three 7.9 mm. machine guns and one 20 mm. cannon, with two further 20 mm. cannon in a detachable mounting below the nose Ju 88 C2/4 using AIMS products Sign in to follow this . Followers 2. Ju 88 C2/4 using AIMS products. By Pastor John, March 26 , 2009 interior gun battery and extended wing tips certainly make Revell's Ju 88 A-1 kit a very different warbird not to mention a weightier one! Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Pastor John. Asisbiz list of archive photo's featuring the Luftwaffe's Junker Ju 88 night fighter and bomber during WWII with profile,Ubisoft IL2 skins,Aufklarer,Aufklarer,Reconnaissance Units,Nachtjager,Night Fighters,Kampfflieger,Bombers Units,Luftwaffe,Junkers Ju88,Bomber,Ju 88A,Ju 88G,Ju 88S,Ju 88C,Ju 88D, ubisoft IL2 Sturmovik, Forgotten Battles (FB), Ace Expansion Pack (AEP), Pacific Fighters (PF.

My 1/48 Ju 88; My 1/32 Ju 88s; Customers Models. Kleinperters 110 g4; Picardo 1 32 110 g4; Home Decals Photo Etch Resin My Ju 88s Customers Models. The Junkers Ju 88 formed a third of the German Luftwaffe medium bomber triad of World War 2 (1939-1945) and, like its sister aircraft, the Dornier Do 17 and the Heinkel He 111, went on to be developed for a myriad of battlefield roles that went far beyond her original categorization of fast bomber

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  1. The Junkers Ju 88 was a German World War II Luftwaffe twin-engined multirole combat aircraft. Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke (JFM) designed the plane in the mid-1930s as a so-called Schnellbomber (fast bomber) that would be too fast for fighters of its era to intercept
  2. About the Ju-88 A-4 - Twin Engine Tactical Bomber: The German counterpart to the Mosquito and Beaufighter, the Junker Ju 88 was a highly versatile combat aircraft that combined a heavy payload with significant speed. On October 9, 1939 a Ju 88 was the first victim of the RAF fighters
  3. The Ju 88 was almost as fast as contemporary fighters, and such performance coupled with excellent manoeuvrability brought development of the Ju 88C series. The planned Ju 88C-1 with B.M.W. 801 MA engines was abandoned because the new Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter had priority for this powerplant
  4. This particular Ju 88C-6 version was released about a month ago from the date of this review, and of course sees the original manufacturer's progression through some of the key Ju 88 versions. I certainly wouldn't be surprised to see more incarnations of this kit in future, hopefully covering a number of the other exotic machines that were derived from the base Ju 88 airframe
  5. The Junkers 88 is a German heavy dive/vertical bomber and heavy/night fighter aircraft. It served from 1939 to the end of the war between 1945 and 1951 in France. In the game, only the heavy fighter variants appear. The Junkers Ju 88 is a german multi-role aircraft and one of the most versatile aircraft used by the German. It was fitted as a heavy dive bomber, tactical bomber, torpedo bomber.

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ju-88 for Space Engineers. Released Aug 18th, 2020. Ranked 6,901 of 36,078 with 164 (0 today) downloads. Published by EarlessPrawn445 (mod ID: 150917) Description. Subscribe to install 103. Positive. 3. 0 Share. View all by EarlessPrawn445 · Blueprint, Other_Blueprint, Small_Grid items. Explore more items. Special thanks to Mad-Catcher for. The Ju 88 was built in several variant with the general airframe design remaining unchanged. The production of the Ju 88 was carried out by Junkerswerke, Arado Flugzeugwerke, Henschel, Dornier, Norddeutsche Dornier-Werke, Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke, Allgemeine Transportanlagengesellschaft (ATG) and by Siebel Flugzeugwerke Revell model kit in scale 1:72, 04672 is a NEW tool released in 2011 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Junkers Ju 88 | EAN: 400980304672 JUNKER JU-88 A4. UPGRADED MOULDS The Junkers JU-88 must be considered the most important German airplane of World War II, next to the BF-109 and FW-190. This twinengine plane was originally designed as fast bomber

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Junkers Ju 88 Daniels Collection Photo from German Aircraft Album (15269659852).jpg 630 × 384; 97 KB Junkers Ju 88 night fighters awaiting scrapping at Grove airfield in Denmark, 2 August 1945. CL3303.jpg 2.480 × 1.680; 823 K Junkers Ju 88 A-1 Battle of Britain - The Ju88 was the most versatile German fighter in World War II. With the Ju 88A-1 the series production was started in 1939. From the beginning of August 1940 o

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Junkers Ju 88A-17 Grandefjæra, Ørland Sør-Trøndelag Lufttorpedostaffel II./KG 26. WNr.142102 07.02 1945. Emergency landing due to fuel shortage.Both engines can be inspected at low tide.Crew survived landing The Ju 88 was fitted with two quite distinct types of wheel rims and tires over its service life. Unfortunately, ICM provides only the early (small) ribbed tires and rims which are suitable for Ju 88 A-1 thru A-5 models but not so for the later A-4 The C-6 was the first version of the Ju 88 to be an important night fighter, but it was still second to the Bf 110. C-7. The C-7 did not enter full production. Various sources describe it as powered by either the Jumo 211J or BMW 810D engines, and being with or without radar Junkers Ju 88 Variants. Ju 88A Main bomber type with Jumo 211 engines. Junkers Ju 88A, 1940 [Source: Bundesarchiv] Ju 88A-0 Pre-production aircraft. Ju 88A-1 Initial production variant. 895 kW (1,200 hp) Jumo 211B-1 engines. Ju 88A-2 Jumo 211 G-1 engines. Ju 88A-3 Conversion trainer. Dual controls. Ju 88A-4 Improved variant. Long span wings

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Junkers Ju 88 : Ju 88 V-1 : Ju 88 V-3 : Ju 88 V-4 : Ju 88 V-5 : Ju 88 A: Ju 88 A... mehr Bilder zur Ju 88 Junkers Ju 52 med kallenavn «Tante Ju», var et kombinert passasjer- og transportfly produsert 1932 - 1945 av Junkers.Prototypen fløy første gang 13. oktober 1930.Den var konstruert av Ernst Zindel ved Junkers-fabrikkene i Dessau.Flyets «bølgeblikk»-skrog gav flyet et karakteristisk kasse-lignende utseende The Junkers Ju 88 was a German bomber used by the Luftwaffe in a variety of bomber and heavy fighter roles during World War II. The Junkers Ju 88 doesn't appear in the game, though it is found within the game files. While the model is finished, the textures are not and child objects (such as Luftwaffe markings) are not positioned correctly. No doubt it would've appeared in the British campaign. The Junkers Ju 88 was a German World War II Luftwaffe twin-engined multirole combat aircraft. Designed by Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke (JFM) in the mid-1930s to be a so-called Schnellbomber (fast bomber) which would be too fast for any of the fighters of its era to intercept, it suffered from a number of technical problems during the later stages of its development and early.

Mistel 2 Ju 88G-l and Fw 190A-8 or F-8 Mistel 3A Ju 88A-4 and Fw 190A-8 Mistel 3B Ju 88H-4 and Fw 190A-8 Mistel 3C Ju 88G-10 and Fw 190F-8 Mistel 4 Ju 287 and Me 262. Mistel 5 Arado E 377A and He 162. Main additional components fitted during conversion to the Mistel role: Patin three-axis autopilot, as modified by Junkers, to the Ju 88 The Ju-88 never had an 88mm, it has the same 75mm bordkanone as the Hs-129 B-3 Slight correction *this Ju-88 never had an 88mm. There was a production 75mm model, and a single prototype 88mm model, but I am struggling to find any information about i The Ju 88 had a longer life ahead of it and in 1940 was still proving itself, but it was a sound design that, once it had dropped its bombs could show a pursuing fighter a clean pair of heels. Its versatility and ruggedness meant that it was going to excel as a jack of all trades, far more so than its contemporaries, but the He 111 soldiered on because its replacements weren't forthcoming Junkers Ju 88 night fighters awaiting scrapping at Grove airfield in Denmark, 2 August 1945. CL3303.jpg 2,480 × 1,680; 823 KB Junkers Ju 88A dropping bombs over Britain 1940.jpg 787 × 916; 284 K Free online jigsaw puzzle gam

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Provides information on one of three remaining aircraft of this type including the discovery, salvage and preservation stages JU 88 MISIELN. During 1943, the already unparalleled versatility of the Ju 88 was expanded still further by its adaptation as a missile/ pilotless aircraft with a large hollow-charge warhead guided to the vicinity of its target by a single-seat fighter temporarily attached to a superstructure above the fuselage

Junkers Ju 88 C-2 Åbjøra, Bindal Nordland. Zerstörerstaffel (Z)./KG 30 (Fliegerkorps X) 4D+FH WNr.0880133 10.05 1940. Received engine failure during an escort mission for KG 26 to Narvik.The pilot Uffz.Albrecht Weimann Junkers Ju.88 Great Britain [1] Hungary [3] Germany (Nazi) [124] Spain [2] Romania [2] Romania [2] USSR/Russia [1] USA [1] Finland [7] France [6] If You want share profiles of this aircraft with our visitors - mail to webmaster Mail to webmaster. Articles about this aircraft You can read at friendly site Ugolok Neba (in Russian only The ultimate Ju 88 fighter variant was the G-model of 1944, which boasted a FuG 220 or 227 radar, an astounding array of cannon and machine gun armament, and advanced Junkers Jumo or BMW engines. A dedicated nightfighter, the first Ju 88G-1s entered service with the Nachtjagd in the summer of 1944, replacing Ju 88C/Rs as well as some Bf 110Gs

Junkers Ju.88: Famous Airplanes of the World No.7 11/1987 - Bunrindo 12.8Mb Luftwaffe Bomber Camouflage & Markings 1940 - Heinkel He.111, Junkers Ju.88, Dornier Do.17: Aircam Aviation Series Special No.S10 9.2M Here is the Junkers Ju 88 modeler's one-stop resource for photos, kits, details, and references Junkers Ju 88 Germany's most effective night fighter in WW2. By Stephen Sherman, Dec. 2008.Updated July 7, 2011. V ersatile. That sums up the Junkers Ju 88 in one word. During WW2, this twin engine aircraft was adapted for: dive-bombing, level-bombing, ground attack, night-fighting, torpedo dropping, and reconnaissance The Ju-88 and its Ju-188 and Ju-388 derivatives served in multiple roles -- as night and day fighters, for reconnaissance, and as dive and level bombers -- wherever German forces were committed. No other combat aircraft in World War II, either Allied or Axis, was so extensively modified The Ju 88D-1 quickly became the mostly widely used Ju 88 reconnaissance-bomber variant. [source: In Action #85] KIT OVERVIEW - ICM 1:48 Ju 88D-1 (48240) A new tooled Ju 88 in 1:48 has been needed for some time, with our only real option previously being the 1993 Dragon family

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I/KG 54 Sicily 1943: Destroy 150 ground unit Kits in process NEW ITEM OF 2015 Ju 88A-5, WWII German Bomber (100% new molds) MODEL KIT No 48232 Scale: 1:48 Kits in process NEW ITEM OF 2015 Ju 88A-5, WWII German Bomber (100% new mold

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  1. Junkers Ju 88 - English - NET-MAQUETTE
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  4. ICM Kit No. 48238 - Junkers Ju 88 C-6 Review by James Hatc
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