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Spirit Airlines is the leading Ultra Low Cost Carrier in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. Spirit Airlines fly to 60+ destinations with 500+ daily flights with Ultra Low Fare Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance. All checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 40 pounds (18.1 kg) and must adhere to max linear dimensions of 62 inches (158 cm). Spirit Airlines considers several items in its fee calculations, including the route, dates of travel, and $9 Fare Club or standard fare Our Baggage fees. Spirit Airlines offers one personal item free of cost. However, there are various baggage fees for checked and carry-on baggage. These charges are based on your fare club membership (if any), when you pay for the luggage, and the route of your booked flight

Spirit Checked Baggage Allowance for Children . Pushchairs and child car seats are accepted in the hold free of charge. Spirit Checked Baggage and Excess Baggage Fees. If a bag exceeds the baggage allowance purchased with Spirit, excess baggage fees apply: If a bag weighs between 41 and 50 lbs (18 and 23 kg), the fee is $30 per bag Spirit Airlines overweight baggage fees. Overweight baggage is considered any bag weighing more than 40lbs. The fees for checking overweight baggage on Spirit are charged in addition to any standard, excess or oversized baggage fees. The fee for baggage weighing 51-99 pounds is an additional $75. Baggage weighing 100 pounds or more is prohibited Spirit Airlines Carry-On Baggage. Spirit Airlines passengers are charged for both carry-on and checked bags. This is so that the airline can keep their ticket prices low. However, one personal item that fits entirely in the smaller sizer box (such as a purse, small backpack, etc) is included with your ticket Spirit Airlines baggage fees can be a bit of a shock if you don't plan ahead. Skip to content. All checked bags must be under 40 pounds, otherwise there are additional fees. As always,. Additional checked items may be purchased on a first-come first-serve basis. Overweight items may not exceed 70lbs (32kg) and are subject to overweight baggage charges beginning at 41 pounds (18 kg). Oversized items may not exceed 80 linear inches (203cm) in overall dimensions and are subject to oversized baggage charges beginning at 63 linear inches (158 cm)

Does Spirit ship cargo? Can I bring my child's car seat and/or stroller onboard? What does a personal item consist of? Can I bring my golf clubs on my trip? What will not be accepted as carry-on baggage? Can I bring my wedding dress onboard? Can I bring my scuba gear on my trip? Can I bring my surfboard (or snowboard) on my trip The following is a list of what is not allowed in checked luggage. I have put them into two categories - the more common items and then followed by the more obscure items. Save on Airport Parking - up to 40% off as compared to parking at the airport! Common Items which are not allowed in checked baggage

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  1. Spirit Airlines allows one free personal item but charges different baggage fees for carry-on luggage and checked luggage based on: 1) when you pay for your luggage; 2) your flight route; and 3) your $9 Fare Club membership. Although prices vary, you can generally expect to pay around $43 for a carry-on and $38 for your first checked bag if you.
  2. Spirit Airline always charge for carry-ons and checked bags. Additionally, Spirit baggage prices increase the closer you get to take-off. This means your best bet is to buy your allowance during your initial booking. Spirit do allow One Free Personal item that fits entirely in the smaller sizer box.
  3. Checked Baggage. If you are planning to travel with checked baggage, you can add bags to your reservations by purchasing them in advance of your arrival at the airport.Bags can be purchased online by accessing your reservation:. More than 24 hours prior to departure, at the time of booking or through My Trips tab on spirit.com
  4. Spirit Airlines' (NK) standard checked / hold baggage policy details follow: 2 bags standard, up to 5 bags maximum (restrictions exist on international travel - check Spirit's site for details) Maximum dimensions: 62 inches or 157 centimeters (length + width + height
  5. e the price of your bags. Every passenger is allowed up to five bags, which must not exceed 40 lbs in weight and 62 linear inches in overall dimensions.. The airline accepts overweight and oversized bags.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees & Policy [2020 Update

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage. Spirit Airlines passengers are not entitled to any free checked baggage allowance. Again, this is so that the airline can keep their ticket prices low for everyone. Checked baggage must not weigh more than 45kg/99lbs or measure more than 203cm/80in in overall dimensions If Spirit damages your luggage, and other components of checked baggage. The basis for these guidelines isn't federal or DOT law but is part of a series of advisories to airlines. The most recent, issued in 2015, by the DOT's Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings,. #Spirit-Airlines-Checked-Baggage SPIRIT AIRLINES OVERWEIGHT BAGGAGE. SPIRIT AIRLINES accept overweight and over sized luggage up to a maximum of 100 lbs and 800 linear inches, but hefty bags will be subject for additional fees.. if your bags weights between 41 and 50 lbs, and extra 30$ will be added, between 51 and 70 the fine is 55$ and between 71 and 100 lbs you may need to pay an extra of. Checked bags must weigh no more than 50lbs and measure 62″ (L+W+H) or less. Checked baggage fees range from $30 for pre-paid to $85 if checked at the airport. Checking-in excess baggage, meaning three or more bags per passenger, costs $85-$95 per bag. How to make the most of Frontier Air's free baggage allowanc

Understand baggage fees Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club Baggage . The Spirit Air $9 Fare Club provides you with discounts on Spirit Airlines baggage fees and access to the lowest fares they have available. Members save as much as 50% on Spirit Airlines fees for baggage. You can find out more about the $9 Fare Club here Understand Airline Restrictions for carry-on and checked baggage sizes. Airlines can be very strict about the size of carry-on luggage. For safety reasons, your bag must be able to fit in overhead bins or under the seat in front of you. If a carry-on bag or personal item is too big, it will have to be checked Spirit airlines check in baggage rules and requirements. The spirit airlines check in baggage rules and requirements state that you can carry along 2 bags as checked baggage and maximum up to 5 bags (international travel restrictions follow, visit the official site of Spirit airlines to check) Spirit Airlines overweight baggage and additional baggage fee. Spirit Airlines has strict requirements when carrying overweight baggage. Your overweight or oversized baggage will determine the specific fees to be charged by the airline. The maximum weight limit allowed per checked bag is 40 pounds

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance 2020-2021. Firstly, planning a trip will build in a new spirit within us. And with spirit airlines, your trip going to be a great one. Do you know Spirit airlines baggage.. Use our airline checked baggage size chart to ensure your check in luggage dimensions are within the maximum size limits policy of your airline's allowance rules & restrictions for domestic and international flights. Learn about standard hold luggage sizes, carry-on / hand bag policies, and more.. Answer 1 of 5: I booked a flight for a group of 8 and didn't pay for the baggage at the time. I didn't know the number of bags everyone would be taking. Trying to check the baggage in and can't find a place on their site. I find the check in for the.. Here are the type of bags that you can use without getting extra charge from Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines 2017 Personal Item Luggage Test- 18x14x8 - Duration: 6:18. Rox City 279,607. Checked Baggage and Fees. Spirit Airlines charges passengers for any and all checked bags. Paying the baggage fee online, ahead of time, reduces the cost slightly

Spirit says it will be the first airline in the US to allow domestic passengers to check bags without speaking to an agent. Instead, customers will be able to interact only with a facial scanner. Have your scales handy too: If your checked bag weighs more than 40 pounds you'll have to pay an overweight baggage charge, and Spirit won't accept it if it weighs over 99 pounds. No checked bag should have a linear measurement (width plus height plus depth) of more than 62 inches, and Spirit will refuse to carry items with any dimension over 80 inches, or a combined measurement of more.

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Before your next Spirit flight, be sure to visit our check-in guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. you may check bags but you must drop them at the airport baggage drop before the check-in deadline for your flight. Minimum required check-in time with checked baggage In general airlines in the US allow for checked bags that are under 62 linear inches (Height + Width + Depth) and under 50 lbs. Notable exceptions are Spirit who only allow 40 lbs and Allegiant who also only allow 40 lbs but allow you 80 linear inches. It's only really Southwest who allow you to take a checked bag for free on their basic fare

Answer 1 of 3: The airline i will be travelling on allows one litre of spirit. Do 4 small bottles of 250ml each make the litre allowed or they do not count? Flights Holiday Rentals Restaurants Things to do Post. Alerts. Trips. Sign in. Spirit in checked luggage. - Air Travel Forum Checked bags must not exceed 62 linear inches (length + width + height; 158 cm) in overall size and 40 pounds in weight (18.1 kg). We will not accept bags that weigh more than 99 pounds (45 kg. Checked baggage is luggage delivered to an airline or train for transportation in the hold of an aircraft or baggage car of a passenger train.Checked baggage is inaccessible to the passenger during the flight or ride, as opposed to carry-on baggage.. This baggage is limited by airlines with regard to size, weight, and number, usually dependent upon the fare paid, or class of ticket From Spirit: Firearms Spirit Airlines will allow customers to transport firearms in accordance with applicable regulations. Except for personnel authorized by the federal government, the following conditions must be met: (i) firearms are accepted as checked baggage only, (ii) firearms must be packed in a hard-sided container specifically designed for the firearm; a locked hard-sided.

Size and weight restrictions regarding checked baggage vary from airline to airline. Generally you will be allowed a certain weight and size maximum, after which you will be charged extra fees for. One of the most common questions travelers have about Spirit Airlines is what their policies and fees are regarding checked bags and carry-on luggage. After all, nobody wants to pay more than they need to for their luggage Buy extra checked baggage online in advance. Higher fees may apply for extra bags or overweight/oversize baggage at the airport. Airline baggage allowances stated in this table are based on standard economy flights to and from Europe, and are per person, per flight. How to check in luggage onlin Things to Consider With Checked Luggage . Checked luggage is bigger, bulkier and usually more cumbersome than cabin cases. How you transport it to and from the airport, as well as the psychical weight and size restrictions on the aircraft itself, will affect the type of checked luggage you can use on an aircraft.. Siz Spirit Airlines military baggage policy. U.S. active duty military are exempt from Spirit's baggage policy and can bring two checked bags and a carry-on for free. U.S. active duty military members can verify your active-duty status on Spirit's website at checkout

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*International and domestic flights (Poland) - When buying a ticket in lot Economy Saver and FLEX PLUS: the first piece of checked baggage at a reduced price can be booked and paid at any time before departure (on lot.com, at lot Contact Center, an check-in desk and any LOT ticketing office (115 PLN/25 EUR/40 CAD/30 USD/3300 JPY/33000 KRW one wa Checked luggage (or baggage) leaves a lot to be desired. There are fees that tend to pile up, the liability and worry of potentially losing your luggage, and just the extra effort it requires to bring your checked luggage along with you If you're planning to fly Spirit Airlines in the new year, you'll be paying more to carry-on and check your bags. As of Jan. 1, many of the low-cost carrier's baggage fees have gone up by at least.

Spirit Airlines: Ranges from $23 if checked in during booking to $65 if done at the gate: How Clark Deals With Baggage Fees. Rather than paying checked bag fees, money expert Clark Howard travels only with what an airline permits free as a single carry-on Spirit Checked Bag Fee Call Toll Free 1 855 737 8707 Bbc Travel The Cost Of Flying On The Cheap Spirit Airlines Drops Some Baggage Fees For Active Duty Militar Note that Spirit and Frontier's carry-on fees are higher than their checked-bag fees, so check the bag unless you refuse to hassle with baggage claim. Spirit and Frontier's carry-on bag fee. Packing whiskey in checked luggage is fine, as long as it doesn't exceed 70% alcohol. Most popular whiskeys are roughly 40% alcohol and are good to go. And if you opt for those minibar-size bottles, you can even stash them in your carry-on (though no sipping in advance; they need to be sealed) Baggage allowance: Gold or. oneworld Emerald 1 additional checked bag up to 32kg (70lb) in any travel cabin except Basic fares, where there is no baggage allowance: Silver or. oneworld Sapphire 2 checked bags up to 32kg (70lb) each when travelling in economy (World Traveller) except Basic fares, where there is no baggage allowanc

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Spirit Airlines: You can bring 1 checked golf bag that has 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls and golf shoes. Spirit and most other major airlines already charge passengers for each checked bag, but this new surcharge is the latest -- and the most radical -- example of airlines charging passengers extra money by unbundling fees that were previously included in the price of a ticket Fee or free? Whether your checked bag is free or comes with a fee depends on the type of fare you purchase and your VIPorter status. If you already have a booking, the easiest way to check is through My Bookings.Start by clicking the 'Add Baggage' link in your flight Options checklist, follow the instructions and we'll tell you whether there is a fee or not (Spirit's baggage fees regularly make our Naughty & Nice list, including the 2014 edition.) Customers traveling on Spirit from December 16, 2015, to January 4, 2016, will see the $2 increase each.

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Checked Baggage Baggage fees for bookings made prior to March 4, 2020. For those trips when just a carry-on isn't enough, read here about your checked baggage allowances and other helpful information Here are all the details about the ongoing Qatar airways checked baggage allowance 2020-2021 in this article. The baggage allowances may vary according to route and cabin class. Standard Qatar check-in luggage rules allow two (2) checked baggage per passenger (depending on the class you travel)

Cuba. Due to COVID-19, the government of Cuba has placed a 2-bag restriction on international commercial flights until further notice. Only 2 checked bags with a maximum weight of 70 lbs / 32 kg each plus 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item are allowed per passenger traveling to / from Cuba with no exceptions Spirit media relations manager Stephen Schuler says since the airline offers such low fares, Spirit customers pay less overall, even after taking baggage fees into account. We believe customers should only have to pay for what they need, and many choose to travel lighter and save money on their trip, Schuler says Customers may be reassessed checked baggage fees when itineraries include an enroute stopover in excess of 24 hours. For travel between Canada or the United States and Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Barbados, an applicable local sales tax of $4.00 CAD may apply to baggage fees

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  1. American Airlines checked baggage rules and requirements. As per the American Airlines checked baggage rules and requirements, passengers can carry 2 bags as standard, 10 bags maximum for the U.S domestic, Transpacific, and Transatlantic, 5 bags maximum for the itinerary that includes Mexico, the Carribean Central America, South America, and Brazil
  2. If you are planning to carry checked baggage that exceeds the free baggage allowance, you can pay for such baggage in advance at discounted rates. Advance payment fees apply only for flights operated by Aeroflot and subsidiaries Aurora and Rossiya under Aeroflot's commercial management (flights with the SU code and number in the ranges 5400-5799, 5950-6999)
  3. es if checked baggage is included, or whether you'll need to pay a little extra. Special baggage (ski equipment, golf bags etc.) cannot be ordered as checked baggage. You can add checked baggage to an existing booking up until 4 hours before departure
  4. Hand luggage of all passengers, including transfer passengers, which does not comply with UIA established allowance regarding the quantity, dimensions or weight can be taken out to checked baggage and paid in accordance with the UIA established tariffs, if the total amount of the passenger's checked baggage will exceed the free checked baggage allowance indicated in the ticket
  5. Spirit Airlines rolling out agent-less checked baggage drop Published: September 3, 2020 3:38 PM EDT Spirit says it will be the first airline in the US to allow domestic passengers to check bags.
  6. Spirit and Allegiant are the only airlines in the U.S. that charge for carry-on baggage. Spirit's chief operating officer Tony Lefebvre told Nasdaq he hopes no one pays the fee

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  1. Spirit Airlines has changed its baggage policy for active military members, now offering two free checked bags and one free carry-on for passengers with proper military ID. ADVERTISING. You May Also Like. Top Travel Offers for November 2020 Features & Advice..
  2. checked baggage Checked bags are larger in size and are placed in the cargo compartment of the same plane. Passengers are strictly advised not to put the following items in checked baggage and should only carry these items in their carry-on bag, or on person, especially if it is hard to replace, very expensive, or necessary for their health and well-being
  3. Rules for Checked Baggage. Passengers planning international or domestic flights should pay attention to the weight and quantity limits. In accordance with the requirement set forth by IATA and Directorate General of Civil Aviation, luggage exceeding 32 kg cannot be stored on the aircraft as checked baggage
  4. You don't have to be the one paying $40 per person, per bag to fly Spirit Airlines. You can probably back what you need in a free personal-sized carry-on bag. Here's how
  5. Musical instruments, such as guitars and violins, can be checked in as part of your baggage allowance as long as they meet size and weight requirements. Oversized items whose dimensions are more than 203 cm (80 in.) but not larger than 292 cm (115 in.) can be checked in, but are subject to excess baggage fees
  6. Checked baggage allowance by travel cabin . In the Economy cabin (Light fare), you can purchase an additional checked baggage Option. In the Economy cabin (except Light fare), you are entitled to 1 checked baggage item weighing up to 23 kg / 50 lb
  7. eBags has the best checked luggage to accommodate your next long trip or family vacation. Shop checked luggage and checked luggage sets now

The number of checked baggage items you may transport on your TAP flight will depend on the ticket purchased, your destination or your TAP Miles&Go Status. If you are traveling as a family, please note that the hold baggage allowance for children (aged from 2 to 11 years) is the same as the allowance for adults Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees & Policy [2020 Update] COUPON (2 days ago) Spirit Airlines will check a stroller or double stroller and car seat at the ticket counter or gate. The stroller will be waiting for you when you exit the aircraft. Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance If you pack liquid items in your checked bag, assume that your bag will be inspected by a baggage security screener. The screening officer will see your liquid item on the baggage scanner and will probably need to take a closer look at it. Do not pack valuables, even liquid ones, or prescription drugs in your checked baggage Most airlines have a weight limit for carry-on baggage, but while all checked bags get weighed, most ticket agents don't take the time to examine bags and enforce weight limits for carry-ons. So if you have some dense items that will put you over the limit on checked bags, try to fit them into your carry-on and take advantage of the fact that they'll look the other way

Your checked baggage must not exceed the following dimensions : 180 x 80 x 40 cm. For example : for a flight Reunion-Paris, Loisirs class, your free checked-baggage allowance is 25 kg. You can travel with 2 pieces of baggage : one weighing 12kg and the other 13kg, or less. Baggage : solid or fexlible bag which is not checked in hold THE CASE FOR CHECKED LUGGAGE. Taking into account the dark side of carry-on travel as outlined above already creates most of my case for traveling with checked luggage. It ultimately depends on you, your travel style, and trip requirements. Here are some general benefits of checked luggage: No Stress at Check-In Checked baggage or hold baggage are the pieces of baggage you would like us to stow in the hold of the aircraft. You can do so at the check-in desks or the baggage drop-off points. More information on baggage check-in can be found on our check-in options page Checked Baggage. Information on the size and weight of baggage which can be checked in at the airport counter and points to note regarding checked baggage. Carry-on Baggage. Information on the size and number of pieces of baggage which can be carried on, and items which require special attention Use the FareCompare Worldwide Baggage Fee tool to compare checked baggage fees for your airlin

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From 15kg to 40kg, purchase only what you need. Jetstar Starter fares include a 7kg carry-on baggage allowance. If you think you'll need more, you can add 7kg to your carry-on baggage allowance or add as much checked baggage allowance as you need between 15kg and 40kg Checked-in luggage The rules for how much luggage you may carry with you onto the plane vary from airline to airline. For this reason, we recommend you contact the airline you will be flying with if you have any questions about how much baggage you are permitted to bring or about the possible size and weight restrictions The luggage must be checked in again at the baggage desks. The weight and items permitted in your baggage are for you only and cannot be transferred to other passengers. If you have any other queries about refunds, changes, or anything else, you can check the hold baggage purchase terms and conditions

Your checked baggage allowance. Your ticket type determines if checked baggage is included, or whether you'll need to pay a little extra. Special baggage (ski equipment, golf bags etc.) cannot be ordered as checked baggage. You can add checked baggage to an existing booking up until 4 hours before departure Damage to Checked Baggage. Damage to checked baggage must be reported at your arrival airport and in addition a claim should be submitted to Ryanair within 7 days from the date of bag damage occurring. Once a claim has been made please be aware of the following: Copies of original receipt(s) for damaged item(s) will be requested Baggage Policy. Many airlines have instituted a policy of charging travelers for checked baggage and/or carry-on baggage. Those charges are payable directly to the airline at the time of check-in, and as a result, are not included in the price of your vacation

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees Guide: (Carry-On, Checked

Checked baggage refers to items of luggage delivered to an airline or train for transportation in the hold of an aircraft or baggage car of a passenger train, which means it is inaccessible to the passenger during the flight/ride.. This baggage is limited by airlines with regard to size, weight, and number, usually dependent upon the fare paid, or class of ticket All contents of your baggage need to be packed securely and appropriately. Do not pack valuables, essential medication or important documents in your checked baggage. You must ensure each item of checked baggage is labelled with your name, address and contact details. We recommend that you lock your baggage Spirit Airlines raised its fee for some carry-on bags to $100, becoming the first U.S. airline to charge so much for a service that most other airlines offer for free

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  1. Checked baggage is luggage that goes in the cargo hold under the plane during flight. Hi, I'm Scott, founder of Scott's Cheap Flights. Every day, my team and I send our 2 million members incredible flight deals—like $200 to Hawaii, $290 to Barcelona, or $350 to Hong Kong—with an average savings of $550 per ticket
  2. General Checked Bag Information. If you have a bag (or multiple bags) that you don't need to have close to you during your flight, check it! Checked bags must be within 62 linear inches (that's length + width + depth) and no heavier than 50 pounds.Baggage that goes over these limits will be charged an additional $75 for exceeding weight and an additional $75 for exceeding linear inch limits
  3. Smart baggage can be checked in provided non-removable batteries contain no more than 0.3 g lithium or for lithium-ion does not exceed 2.7 Wh. Removable batteries must be removed if baggage is to be checked in and the batteries carried in the cabin
  4. cost of checked baggage spirit airlines ; Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance For ; Product #: 75873 4.8 stars, based on 63 reviews Regular price: $99 $ 69 (Sale ends 5 November!) Executive Objects Condition: Precedentemente posseduto, in ottime condizioni Disponibile! Ordina adesso! Get the item you ordered or.
  5. Baggage comprising multiple pieces will not be counted as one piece of checked baggage if the pieces could come apart, scatter, or otherwise potentially damage other baggage. Excess baggage charges If your baggage exceeds the free allowance, additional baggage charges (tax included) will apply according to your route
  6. Baggage that exceeds the size and specifications of hand baggage, will need to be checked-in. The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32kg across all cabin classes. Check-in baggage allowance for travel within India (per customer except infants
  7. We know that on some occasions you need to take more baggage or weight than normal, especially when moving to live in another place or if you are on a shopping trip. After the 3rd checked bag + Excess weight between 23-32 kg + Excess weight between 32-45 kg + Oversized Special baggage. For flights between: 1st checked bag
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JetBlue was the first airline to raise its checked baggage fee to $30 back in the summer of 2018, prompting virtually every other U.S. airline to follow suit ANA allows two free checked baggage pieces in economy on most international flights. Each piece must weigh less than 50 lbs. A carry-on piece less than 23 lbs. is also permitted. Additional bags are subject to fees that vary by currency: 20,000 Yen, $200 USD, $200 CAD, or €150

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Baggage Fees to Increase by Spirit Airlines During theTake a minute and check your bag or carry-on measurementsSpirit Airline Baggage Allowance | The DIS DisneyAirlines Collected More Than $1 Billion in Baggage FeesCheap flights: 3 ways Delta’s basic economy fare still
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